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Fuctional Regulation of NCX
1 A PtdIns4P,5-kinase-NCX1 complex is essential for proper metabolic regulation of NCX1.
Forcato D, Posada L, Beaugé L, Berberián G
2 Interdomain electrostatic interactions govern Ca2+-driven reorientation of regulatory CBD domains of NCX1.
Giladi M, Sasson Y, Fang X, Hiller R, Buki T, Wang Y-X, Hirsch JA, Khananshvili D
3 Na+/Ca2+ exchangers, NCKX3 and NCX1 are regulated by hypoxic stress in human placental cells.
Yang H, Jeung EB
4 Na+/Ca2+ exchange in human platelets depends on calcium availability in the extracellular medium.
Juška A
5 Hypoxia and apoptosis modulates sodium calcium exchange in different way.
Krizanova O
6 Characterization of the Human Platelet Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger.
Roberts DE, Bose R
7 Conformational changes in Calcium/Magnesium Binding Domain (CMBD) of Na+/Ca2+ exchanger detected by gel mobility shifts and variations of tyrosine fluorescence.
Levitsky DO, Takahashi M
8 Alternate splicing of NCX1 affects the sensitivity of its Ca2+ sensors.
Torry LC, Lytton J
9 Role of local sodium in the functional coupling between late sodium-current and Na+/Ca2+ exchanger: experimental and simulation study.
Nagy N, Carbonell B, Papp JGy, Varro A, Toth A, Ferrero JM, Acsai K
10 The two transcription factors Sp1 and CREB regulate NCX1 and NCX2 expression and activity through ERK1/2 and p38 MAP kinases in PC12 cells.
Sirabella R, Cataldi M, Secondo A, Pannaccione A, Cataldi M, Molinaro P, Di Renzo G, Annunziato L
11 Nitric oxide stimulates NCX1 and NCX2 but inhibits NCX3 isoform by three distinct molecular determinants.
Esposito A, Secondo A, Molinaro P, Pannaccione A, Cantile M, Lippiello P, Sirabella R, Iwamoto T, Di Renzo G, Annunziato L
12 Tumor Necrosis Factor Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand reduces the expression of the neuroprotective Na+/Ca2+ exchanger isoform NCX3 in human neural cells.
Di Benedetto G, Landolina N, Ronsisvalle N, Scollo M , Bernardini R, Cantarella G
13 Ca2+ influx through reverse-mode Na+/Ca2+ exchange is critical for vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) mediated - ERK1/2 activation and angiogenic functions of human endothelial cells.
Andrikopoulos P, Yaqoob MM, Eccles SA
14 NCX1 and NCKX1 exchangers: expression and glycosylation status in human platelets and megakaryocytes cell lines.
Bistué Millón MB, Elso de Berberian G, Asteggiano CG
15 Involvement of phosphorylation in the regulation of Na+/Ca2+ exchanger activity by creatine kinase.
Yang YC and Kao LS
16 Spatial determination of residues important for cation transport in the human Na+/Ca2+- K+ exchanger using the substituted-cysteine accessibility method.
Szerencsei RT, Cai S, Schnetkamp PPM
17 Activation of TRP channels by osmotic stimulation and Ca2+ extrusion by Na+/Ca2+ exchangers in mouse odontoblast lineage cells.
Sato M, Sobhan U, Tsumura M, Ichikawa H, Tazaki M, Muramatsu T, Shibukawa Y
Tissue and Cellular Distribution of NCX
18 Distinct expression and regulation of calcium transport genes in placental tissues derived from preeclamptic placenta of pregnant women.
Yang H, Jeung EB
19 Distinct expression of NCX1 in the placenta of calbindin-D9k and –D28k knockout mouse models.
Koo TH, Yang H, Choi KC, Jeung EB
20 Distinct expression and regulation of calcium exchangers, NCKX3 and NCX1, in the placenta of a rat hypoxia model.
Choi KC, Yang H, Hyun SH, Jeung EB
21 Expression and potential action of the sodium calcium exchanger 1 (NCX1) in the canine duodenum, kidney and uterus.
Hyun SH, Yang H, Jeung EB
22 Tissue-specific expression of NCX1 in the duodenum, kidney, and heart of Equus caballus.
Hwang IH, Jung EM, Yang H, Hyun SH, Jeung EB
23 Expression of Na+/Ca2+ exchangers in rat trigeminal ganglion.
Hidetaka K, Yoshiyuki S, Masakazu T, Tatsuya I, Yuzuru K
24 Functional expression and purification of the cardiac Na+/Ca2+ exchanger expressed in high five insect cells.
Ren X, Nicoll DA, Philipson KD
25 Potassium dependent and independent Na+/Ca2+ exchanger protein is mainly expressed in myoepithelial cells/ductal cells of rat salivary glands.
Sobhan U, Muramatsu T, Sato M, Tsumura M, Tazaki M, Shibukawa Y
26 NCX expression in enamel/dentin-forming cells.
Shibukawa Y, Tsumura M, Sato M, Ubaidus S, Muramatsu T, Matsuda T, Baba A, Tazaki M
NCX in Mitochondria, Endoplasmic Reticulum and Nucleus
27 Mitochondrial Na+/Ca2+ exchanger modulates glucose dependent Ca2+ signaling and temporal pattern of insulin secretion.
Nita I, Ozeri E, Lewis E, Sekler I
28 Altered expression and localization of Na+/Ca2+ exchanger to compensate for loss of SR Ca2+ ATPase.
Swift F, Franzini-Armstrong C, Øyehaug L, Enger UH, Andersson KB, Christensen G, Sejersted OM, Louch WE
29 Functional characterization of a mitochondrial Na+/Ca2+ exchanger (NCLX) in cardiac cell line, HL-1.
Takeuchi A, Kim B, Matsuoka S
NCX Partners in Ionic Homeosasis: TRPC, ASIC, NHE, NKCC, Na+/K+ ATPase, Ca2+ ATPase
30 Role of Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 1 in microglial activation and proinflammatory responses in ischemic brains.
Shi Y, Chanana V, Watters JJ, Ferrazzano P, Sun D
31 Functional and physical coupling between TRPCs and NCX in histamine induced tonic contraction of tracheal smooth muscle.
Gaytan-Pacheco N, Meza-Villanueva U, Sanchez-Armass S, Saavedra-Alanis V, Martel-Gallegos G, Espinosa-Tanguma R
32 Secretory pathway Ca2+ ATPase isoform 1 (SPCA1) expression responds to preischemic challenge in hyperhomocysteinemic rat forebrain.
Lehotsky J, Pavlíková M, Kovalská M, Drgova A, Kaplan P
33 Functional coupling between TRPV1, CB1 and NCXs in rat odontoblasts.
Tsumura M, Shibukawa Y, Muramatsu T, Sobhan U, Sato M, Ichikawa H, Tazaki M
NCX in the Heart
34 Is a shift of the free energy of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger a predictor for the development of hypertrophy and heart failure?
Baartscheer A, Opthof T
35 Suppressor of cardiac arrhythmia induced by NCX1 deficiency.
Schredelseker J, Huang J, Shimizu H, Lu K, Kwon O, Goldhaber J, Chen JN
36 Cardiac Na:Ca exchanger: Dynamics of Ca-dependent activation and deactivation in intact myocytes.
Ginsburg KS, Weber CR, Bers DM
37 Stress-induced responses of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger in rat heart and kidney.
Hudecova S, Krizanova O
38 Alteration of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger 1 during LPS-induced hypertrophic response in adult murine cadiomyocytes.
Nasti AA, Lariccia V, Magi S, Violet CA, Pettinari F, Amoroso S
39 Increased calpain-mediated cleavage of the cardiac Na+/Ca2+ exchanger 1 (NCX1) in the heart failure.
Wanichawan P, Lunde IG, Aronsen JM, Cederkvist FH, Austbø B, Lunde M, Sjaastad I, Bjorås M, Sejersted OM, Carlson CR
40 Role of Na+/Ca2+ exchange in local Ca2+ release in rat atrial myocytes: evidence from rapid 2-D confocal imaging.
Kim JC, Woo SH
41 Comparison of the effects of cyclopiazonic acid on junctional and non-junctional Ca2+ releases in rat atrial mycoytes.
Woo SH, Kang N
NCX in the CNS
42 Over-expression of different NCX isoforms in primary neuronal cultures and HEK293 cell lines is protective following oxygen glucose deprivation.
Cross JL, Lee S, Boulos S, Bakker AJ, Thomas KL, Meade AJ, Knuckey NW, Meloni BP
43 The role of Na+/Ca2+ exchanger in nitric oxide-induced apoptotic-like cell death in neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells.
Ota Y, Takuma K, Nashida T, Ago Y, Matsuda T
44 The Na+/Ca2+ exchange inhibitor SEA0400 prevents nigrostriatal dopaminergic dysfunction in the sub-acute mouse MPTP model.
Takuma K, Ota Y, Nashida T, Ago Y, Matsuda T
45 A hyperfuctional proteolytic fragment of NCX3 generated by Aβ1-42 delays caspase-12 activation and neuronal death.
Pannaccione A, D’Avanzo C, Molinaro P, Secondo A, Cantile M, Esposito A, Boscia F, Scorziello A, Di Renzo G, Annunziato L
46 NCX3 knock-out mice display an impairment in hippocampal LTP and spatial learning and memory.
Molinaro P, Viggiano D, Nisticò R, Sirabella R, Secondo A, Boscia F, Pannaccione A, Scorziello A, Mehdawy B, Sokolow S, Herchuelz A, Di Renzo G, Annunziato L.
47 Distribution of NCX isoforms in rat hippocampus.
Viggiano D, Scorziello A, Annunziato L
48 Glycine release from cerebellar nerve endings in response to “disturbed”Na+, K+ and Ca2+ homeostasis: involvement of Ca2+ channels, Na+/Ca2+ exchangers and glycine transporter reversal.
Raiteri L, Romei C, Raiteri M
49 NCKX2 contributes to neuroprotection elicited by ischemic preconditioning and postconditioning.
Cuomo O, Pignataro G, Sirabella R, Vinciguerra A, Lytton J, Di Renzo G, Annunziato L
50 The newly synthesized biphenyl ether derivate, Fedunina, selectively inhibits NCX3 and worsens the injury in in vitro and in vivo brain ischemia models.
Cantile M, Ambrosino P, Cuomo O, Pignataro G, Scorziello A, Pannaccione A, Secondo A, Molinaro P, Boscia F, Fiorino F, Santagada V, Caliendo G, Annunziato L

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